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Lawn Care Program
Green Touch Lawn, Inc. offers a custom-blend, five-step application program designed to provide a full range of nutrients to the lawn while maintaining weed control:

  • SPRING: Liquid application of a spring rate fertilizer, pre-emergent crabgrass control and post-emergent broadleaf weed control.

  • EARLY SUMMER: Liquid application of a balanced fertilizer and treatment for broadleaf weeds as needed.

  • SUMMER: Liquid application of a balanced fertilizer and treatment for broadleaf weeds as needed.

  • FALL: Liquid application of a specialized fall rate fertilizer and treatment for broadleaf weeds as needed.  

  • Turf that has passed through the stressful summer months need food to rebuild itself; fall is the best time of year to feed cool-season turf grasses.  Fall is also an excellent time to control broadleaf weeds, which will reduce their numbers in the lawn come spring.

  • LATE-FALL: Granular and/or liquid application of a fall boost fertilizer; this application assits with root development and early spring green up.

To keep crabgrass seeds from germinating action has to be taken during the spring application with a pre-emergent crabgrass control product.  You must keep this barrier intact by not heavy raking, dethatching or using any other mechanical disruption of the soil, since this will break up the control zone.

Broadleaf Weeds:
We'd all like to have a thick carpet of beautiful, green grass without a weed in sight, but the reality of the situation is that broadleaf weeds are very determined pests.  Their seeds are always present in the soil, and they germinate throughout the growing season.  Broadleaf weeds have trouble growing in dense, healthy lawns.  Therefore, the first step in reducing their population is to develop a hearty stand of grass through ongoing care and maintenance: including regular fertilization, insect and disease control as necessary, adequate irrigation/watering, proper mowing technique, and aeration/top seeding when necessary to keep the turf lush.  

The Green Touch program includes treatment of broadleaf weeds throughout the season to keep these weeds under control.

The fertilizer in the applications supplies the lawn with needed nutrients for turf color and health; the fertilizer rate is adjusted to suit the growing conditions of the season.